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Thanks to this article, I now have trousers that don't flap in the wind! Examples of intentional denim distressing strictly to make them more fashionable can be seen as early as in Vogue's June issue.

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Picture you in a tapered, slim-fitting pair of dark-wash jeans. You look dope. And that means you’ll need an equally dope dress shoe in leather or suede to finish the job.
Whether you're most comfortable in high-waisted or low-waisted, relaxed fit or skinny jeans, bootcut or straight leg, Kmart features a wide selection of top brands for women in a variety of sizes. If you need to project a more formal attitude than a t-shirt and jeans, just add .
Tapered jeans give the skinny look from the quads down but fit better around the waist and most people agree it’s a better look. If you love the skinny look and don’t like doing squats in the gym, definitely get yourself a pair of tapered jeans.
Tapered jeans became most notable with country music stars and with the birth of rock and roll in the s, when Elvis Presley donned slim-fitting jeans and shocked the country. Drainpipe jeans and rock 'n' roll were inextricably linked to create the
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First narrow the lower leg and then make a new hem to convert your flares to a straight or skinny jean. To taper jeans, start by putting on your jeans inside out and pinching around the calf or ankle area where you want the jeans to become more narrow. Next, use a fabric marker or chalk to mark lines on the area you want to take in, take the jeans off, and pin the fabric where you marked it. Then, use a sewing machine to sew along the marked lines, and cut away any additional fabric.

To keep the cut lines from fraying, sew them together using a zigzag stitch pattern. Featured Articles Altering Pants. Put on your jeans inside out.

Mark the area you want taken in. These dots should start right below your knees and continue down to the very bottom of the pant legs. Give yourself just a little extra room around the thicker part of the calf. Pin the bunched material together. The pinning should simulate the pinching you did while you were wearing the jeans.

Sew and cut excess fabric. Using a sewing machine, sew along the dotted lines that you created on each pant leg from below the knees to the bottom of the jeans.

Hot day, dirty job? Cold day, office job? Maybe you can wear them twice or more before they go back to the washing machine. Personally, if I wear a pair of jeans to work on Friday—cool climate, office job—I tend to wear them on Saturday. And if Saturday is spent indoors and I'm not spilling food all over myself, I might even wear them on Sunday.

For those who prefer to refrain from washing their jeans there have been suggestions to freeze them in order to kill the germs that cause odor. However, this advice has been disputed as ineffective and replaced with the suggestion of baking them for ten minutes at degrees Fahrenheit.

Jeans are covered under laws regarding trousers. As well, there have been some notable legal cases involving jeans specifically:. In Rome , Italy , in , a year-old driving instructor was accused of rape. When he picked up an year-old girl for her first driving lesson, he allegedly raped her for an hour, then told her that if she was to tell anyone he would kill her. Later that night she told her parents and her parents agreed to help her press charges.

While the alleged rapist was convicted and sentenced, the Italian Supreme Court overturned the conviction in because the victim wore tight jeans. It was argued that she must have necessarily had to help her attacker remove her jeans, thus making the act consensual "because the victim wore very, very tight jeans, she had to help him remove them The Italian Supreme Court stated in its decision "it is a fact of common experience that it is nearly impossible to slip off tight jeans even partly without the active collaboration of the person who is wearing them.

The day after the decision, women in the Italian Parliament protested by wearing jeans and holding placards that read "Jeans: An Alibi for Rape". As a sign of support, the California Senate and Assembly followed suit.

As of at least 20 U. Wearing jeans on this day has become an international symbol of protest against erroneous and destructive attitudes about sexual assault. As of the Italian Supreme Court has overturned their findings, and there is no longer a "denim" defense to the charge of rape. In , an Indian family court in Mumbai ruled that a husband objecting to his wife wearing a kurta and jeans and forcing her to wear a sari amounts to cruelty inflicted by the husband and can be a ground to seek divorce.

In the Soviet Union , jeans were the symbol of the Western way of life. The jeans brand Rokotov and Fainberg is named after the defendants in the Rokotov—Faibishenko case , who were executed for, among other things, trafficking in jeans. Although not outright banned, jeans were hard to come by in USSR. It was seen as a symbol of rebellion by the Soviet youth who wanted to emulate the style of film and rock stars of the West.

The Soviet government resisted supplying the market with jeans as that would mean responding to the market , a capitalist principle. This led to the creation of black markets and bootlegging of jeans, which since has become an important cultural element in the history of the Soviet Union.

In , Nike, Lululemon, Under Armour , and Adidas were the most popular brands for athletic apparel among teen consumers. Fashion retailers have begun to adjust their offerings accordingly. Bloomberg reports that Levi's, which is the world's most iconic denim company, stuck to its core product denim instead of adapting to consumer trends. Distressed denim emerged from the cultural punk movement in the s. Early punks tore apart consumer goods as an expression of their anger towards society.

Denim became a key target of this politically fueled deconstruction, with both men and women donning torn pants and jackets, accessorized with safety pins and slogans. The trend became popular again in the s with the emergence of grunge fashion. If punk was "anti-fashion", grunge was "non-fashion". The grunge youth wore loose-fitting ripped jeans, flannel shirts or woolen Pendletons layered over T-shirts. Their anti-conformist approach to fashion led to the popularization of the casual chic look, a trend which continued into the s.

Media reported in that the trend of low-rise jeans , famous in s and s as sagging , was coming back in fashion due to celebrities like Justin Bieber endorsing it.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Jeans disambiguation. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. Automated cutting machines are used in RMG factory to cut the pieces. Adding 3D crunching, whiskers, and wrinkles to jeans to make them look more used.

Jeans denim pants are displayed for the buyer in the RMG factory showroom. Nevada State Museum Newsletter. Archived from the original PDF on April 29, Retrieved January 29, I expect he is either in Richmond, Petersburg or Lynchburg. Once they're on, pinch the seams until you're satisfied with the fit and then mark the line with some tailor's chalk. Next, take off your trousers and use a seam ripper to undo the stitching on the cuffs and seams.

Pin your trouser's along the line you marked and stitch along the lines. Finally, cut off any excess fabric and re-hem your trousers so they're the same length on both sides. Featured Articles Sewing Pants.

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In this case, the article went through multiple rounds of research, revisions, and review by our trained team of writers and editors. Turn the pants inside out and put them on.

Put on the trousers if you want to taper them for yourself, or have the person you are tapering the pants for put them on.

Make sure the pants are turned inside out. You will need to draw a line on them that will not be visible after sewing. Pinch the edges of the pants where you want to taper them.

Pinch along the inside and outside of the pants to find where you want to taper them. Depending on the fit you want, you may need to remove a significant amount of fabric or just a little. Pinch the pants along the inner and outer seams to find the best fit. Have a friend draw a line where you want a new seam to be. It will be difficult to draw on the pants while you are wearing them, so it is best to ask a friend for help with this part.

Have them draw along the inside of where you are pinching the pantlegs. Insert a pin about every 1 to 2 inches 2. Then, draw a chalk line along the inner edges of the pins after you remove the pants.

Make sure the pins are vertical parallel to the seam. This will make it easier to create a seam line after removing the pants. Lay a pair of tapered trousers over the trousers you want to taper. Another option for tapering trousers is to lay the pants out flat and then place a pair of tapered pants over them.

Trace the outline of these pants onto your pants. You will be replicating the fit of these pants on your trousers. Check the lines with a ruler after you draw them. Hold the ruler up against the line and go over any crooked spots with the chalk.

You can also use a ruler to help you check the distance from the edge of the pants to the lines. This will help to ensure that the right and left legs are the same size. Use a seam ripper to take out the old stitches. Keep the pants turned inside out and use a seam ripper to cut the stitches along the areas you want to taper. Run the hooked part of the seam ripper along the stitches to sever them and then gently pull apart the fabric at the seams to loosen the stitches.

Pull out the severed thread with your fingers. Just remove stitches where you want to take in the seam. Create a second chalk line 0. After the old stitches are out, flatten out the fabric and line up the raw edges.

Then, draw a second chalk line about 0. Cut along the second chalk line to remove the excess fabric. The second line you drew onto the fabric will be the new raw edge for the parts of the pants you want to taper. Cut the fabric along this line.


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